YouTube Videos with the most comments

Here we shall analyze and list the most popular youtube videos accordingf to the number of comments it has. Wikipedia lacks such article Data gather here was between Octobner 2016 and February 2017, so some of the data especially comment count itself is likely to be out of date if you are still seeing this page in 2018. most commented video on youtube most commented youtube video youtube video with most comments most commented how to see what you commented on youtube The list is restricted for videos having at least 10,000 views or more because anything below would show you nothing but "free giveaway" videos where people are highly motivated to post for money.

Most Commented Videos posted between 2005 and 2010

Of course the lsit will be biased towards newer videos and especially newer music videos - music that has global audience. We will do filtering by category later, but here we shall list all such videos that have been posted on youtube between the years 2006 and 2010 that have the most comments. The oldest video on youtube was posted on April of 2005 so that is why we chose this time frame.

HJhrCrIZ9ak Fall Fashion 2012 ? Comfy & Cozy Outfit Ideas! watch 621249 1127575
HYTsAFwMmuk Win a $500 American Express Gift Card and MyClyns Germ Protection Spray watch 390244 1149998
PndXdtKnHmE iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7? watch 1870407 5527796
nURhH1AIrDA 10 Coole REIS Lifehacks ft. Julien Bam watch 877176 3570036
PeaJFuQN8-o 2.000.000 Abonnenten SPECIAL !!???? | Wer hier nicht klickt ist selber schuld. watch 358107 1545099
9UGpraQfLto Huge Summer Giveaway!!! (CLOSED) watch 435195 1962894
2QG2J7ZCJWo TRES MILLONES DE REGALOS! watch 476722 2192312
zu0PmBSyekI Fun Back to School Must Haves 2013! watch 243388 1158307
mwC6RAS2SGU Drugstore Beauty Haul! (and some other stuff too!) watch 223762 1472758
BMkESL1Auus I'm giving away 12 iPhones 7s..... watch 158488 1102515
JONlLnFr4ng Ich bekomme eine ZAHNSPANGE :O (+ iPhone 7 VERLOSUNG !!!) | Julienco watch 276399 2071031
dlHrmAU2axk ESCOLHA A NOVA ALUNA DA ESCOLA DA ZUEIRA watch 154581 1281351
QQIfSnK10UE THAT’S RACIST!!!… or is it?! I honestly don’t know anymore… watch 136045 1145324
VBEqKYYF0-A MY STUDIO DESTROYED watch 289610 2557072
ipkvXy_2z-s Winter Night Routine! + HUGE $5000 HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! watch 288711 2669681
VgmyVHYV1mE Iron Man Edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! watch 187012 1815924